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Infrastructure Management

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Server & Storage

Comprehensive set of server and storage solutions and perfect backup to manage your data.


Arrow Technologies partnered with Crayon provides software as service solution. Catering to the on-demand and dynamic needs of customers.

Laptops & Desktops

High-performance laptops, featuring licensed software and latest windows OS with M.2 standard for fast boot readily available with us for your instant needs. Customizable solutions to cater your specific needs. Branded desktops or laptops imported directly from authorized vendors.

Commercial Devices

Be it individual or commercial, Arrow Technologies is the 'Choice Architect' to design all IT infra requirements. High-end Intel-based systems with a variety of configurations and the best processors along with customized configuration needs delivered on demand.
Industries we cater to

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Machine Drawing

High-end workstations for machine drawing requirements (Pro E, Catia, Solidworks). SOLIDWORKS is the most sought-after application for the Aerospace, Defense, Construction, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Luxury Homes, and Healthcare-oriented solid modeling.

Engineering Design

Hand-picked and best-in-class high-end laptops for CAD and other engineering design requirements to seamlessly execute intense engineering assignments.

CAD Design

Computer aided designs that require a specialized, authentic graphics card running the OpenGL engine for accurate functioning. These types of high-end 3D design software require super-efficient systems and graphics card with OpenGL support and high-quality CPUs. We bring you the best-of-brands with the most needed high-end software.

Home segment – Gaming and audio enhanced with speaker accessories

Satisfying the game-obsessed Home computer market is a mammoth task. They seek excellent and flexible computers with value for money deal. At the same time, these machines must handle 4K-resolutions files with read and write capabilities. Along with, the niche audience also expects top-notch audio surround systems. We can supply a finest blend of gaming-specific computers to the tech-savvy gaming aficionados.

Professional or Commercial Software developers with M.2 standards

Your search for Price-to-performance ratio for the professional and commercial computer ends here. You must be aware that solid-state drives have been drastically shrinking due to the onslaught of M.2 format. We deliver task-specific computer systems for professional and commercial use.

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